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Rental of clothing

We rent out clothing for TV programs and magazines.
If you would like to cooperate, please feel free to contact us.
However, since it is delivered from overseas, it usually takes about a week to arrive.
Please contact us about 10 days in advance.

 contact information
Tel: 050-5532-8397


1. [Media] Women ’s health 20191118

Leggings: LLCK02836

2. [Media] JJ August 2020 issue

I was introduced to training wear.

P.66 Tops: LLCX03000 LLWX02267 

P.69 Tops: LLWX03074 Leggings: LLFK03132


3. [Media] Aesthetic August 2020 issue

 I cooperated with the clothing photography.


4. [Media] JJ September 2020 issue

We cooperated with the clothing photography and the present page at the end of the book.

P.57 Tops: LLWX02621 Leggings: LLCK02958

P.173 Tops: LLWX02598


5. [Media] JJ net

Wear was introduced as an Instagram brand!


6. [Media] STORY September 2020 issue

Introduced in "Online Yoga Dance".

P.119 Tops: LLWX02254


7. [Media] anan No.2216 September 16, 2020

P.85 Yuki Kashiwagi wore it and cooperated with the shooting.

Tops: LLWX03051 Leggings: LLFK02696



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